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Is someone recording your calls? Know easily like this

New Delhi. Recording phone calls is not a new thing these days. It is not even legal in India. No one can listen to anything without his permission. But how will you find out whether your call is being recorded or not? There is an easy way for this, whose information we are giving you here.

How to check whether your call is being recorded or not:

If you hear a continuous beep sound in the middle of the call, then you should understand that this is a sign that the call is being recorded. In such a situation, if you are hearing a continuous beep sound in the middle of your call, then your call is being recorded.

What to do if you are getting a call?

If someone records your calls, it is considered a violation of the law. You can file a complaint against that person. Also, you can take compensation from him.

Google has banned all call recording apps:


Please tell that Google has stopped all call recording apps. All these are illegal. This simply means that if any app in the Play Store comes with the call recording feature, it has been banned.

In-Built Call Recording:

Apps have definitely been banned. But the in-built call recording feature provided in the phone can still be used. Your call can also be recorded through this.

Google was against call recording:


Google has been against call recording apps and services for a few years now. According to the company, call recording is a violation of users’ privacy. For this reason, whenever someone’s call is recorded in their own dialer app, a clear message is heard in it that this call is now being recorded. It is heard by both the caller and the receiver.

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