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Is this 5G Band in the phone? Pay attention while buying a new phone, you will get 10 times faster 5G speed

New Delhi. If you are buying a new smartphone, then you should always check the 5G bands in it. Because 5G bands are responsible for 5G speed. There are different types of bands in 5G smartphones. But mainly three types of 5G bands are found. This includes low frequency bands, mid frequency bands and milli web frequency bands. Let us tell you that if the mmWave frequency band n258 is present in your 5G smartphone, then the 5G speed of your phone will be 10 times higher than the normal. Let us know about it in detail..

low frequency band
These frequency bands operate between 700MHz to 3500MHz. These are known as n28 and n78. These frequency bands have the largest area. These frequency bands work well in tall buildings and dense areas. Meaning they cover a large area.

mid frequency bands
These frequency bands operate between 3300 to 3800MHz. Their popular 5G band is n78. In this, 5G network is made available to mass users. The speed of 1Gbps is available in this frequency band. However, it does not deliver the same speed as mmWave 5G bands. But these are considered to be cost effective bands. Mid frequency bands are the most widely used in the world. In India also, 5G service is being made available through mid-frequency band n78. It will be used by both Jio and Airtel companies.

mmWave frequency band
These frequency bands work between 26GHz i.e. 24.25 GHz-27.5GHz frequency. This is known as n258 5G bands. It offers ultra high speed 5G network. Also the latency is very less. In this, the speed of up to 10Gbps is available in the frequency band. Adani Data Network and Jio have shown mmWave frequency band interest.

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