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Is this strange sound coming from your water heater too? be careful now

New Delhi. Recently a user has asked us that his Hotter water heater is making a lot of noise. This heater is not even old. But still the heater makes a lot of noise. Many of you users will also have this question. In such a situation, we are giving you the answer to this question here.

Popping Sound: If you’re getting a popping sound, your heater tank may have a lot of grime built up at the bottom. If the tank is not cleaned from time to time, then dirt accumulates at the bottom, due to which this kind of sound starts coming. Water contains heat producing minerals which are present in the water. They overheat and build up pressure. The result of this is that the dirt in the water, which is also called sediment, starts making a popping sound. Prolonged exposure to this can damage the tank.

Humming Sound: If the water heater element has become loose then this sound comes. Electric water heaters do not have gas burners. These have only one heating element. If the water drops below a certain temperature, the electricity heats the element and the water begins to boil. During this, if the electric water heater makes a humming sound, it means that the heating element has become loose.

Hammering or knocking noise: If the pipes given in the water heater are not fitted properly and keep colliding with each other, then hammering sound comes. This problem does not happen just like that, it happens only when the pipes are damaged. If it does then you should call a technician to have it fixed.

Screeching Sound: This sound comes when the water flow is restricted. When the water valve is not fully opened, water gushes out at high pressure through a narrow opening, causing a high-pitched sound. In such a situation, it is very important to open the water valve completely.

Tapping Sound: Many water heaters have a heat trap or check valve in the pipe at the top of the heater. These special size valves cool the hot water and take it out. This ensures that the water flows in the right direction. But as the water flows through the valves, the different temperature of the water causes pressure changes and this makes the tapping sound heard.

Sizzling Sound:
If you hear leaking sound then you have to be careful. If you have a lot of water coming out of your water heater, you need professional attention. This sound is caused by a leaking water heater.

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