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Is your car also giving less mileage? Keep these 4 things in mind, there will be savings every month


Getting the car serviced at the right time increases the mileage.
Do not keep starting the car unnecessarily.
Overloading in the car should also be avoided.

New Delhi. Whether the car is of diesel, CNG or petrol, everyone is definitely cautious about the mileage. Many times, due to the sudden drop in the mileage of the car, the budget of the people also gets spoiled. But very few people know about how the mileage of the car suddenly drops and how to correct it. That’s why it is also very important to understand what your car wants and how you have to take care of it.

Taking care of some small things, any vehicle not only runs for a long time but also gives good mileage. So let us tell you how you can get better mileage from your car.

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get the service done on time
It is necessary to get the car service done at the right time. If the car is not serviced for a long time, its mileage starts decreasing. The reason for this is that the engine oil becomes old. Along with this, many other parts also do not work properly during this time, due to which the mileage of the car not only drops, but also its life also gets reduced.

air pressure in tires
The car gives less mileage even when the air pressure in the tires is low. The simple reason for this is that the friction of the tires with the road or in simple language increases due to which the load on the engine comes and the mileage drops. This has three disadvantages. Tires wear out quickly, mileage is low and engine life is also short.

Overloading should not be done in the car. Putting more load than the rated capacity of the car affects the engine and reduces the mileage. For example, if your car is a 5 seater, never drive it with 6 or 7 people. This will reduce the mileage.

get route information
If you are going to a place that you are not aware of, then it is necessary to understand it in advance so that you do not go astray and do not have to drive the car unnecessarily. For this, you can take the help of Google Maps and reach your destination through GPS.

Switch off the engine for more than 1 minute
These days, due to the increasing traffic, many red lights are delayed for more than a minute. If you are also at a similar red light where it is taking more than a minute, then you should turn off the engine. This saves a lot of fuel and your car gives good mileage.

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