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Jio wins, leaving behind Airtel and Vi, this top company: TRAI Report

New Delhi. 5G service is being rolled out across the country by Reliance Jio. But Reliance Jio’s dominance continues in terms of 4G speed. According to the data released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) for the month of October, Jio continues to top the list in terms of 4G downloading speed. An increase of 1.2Mbps has been registered in the average 4G downloading speed of Jio. According to the report, Jio’s 4G speed has been 20.3 Mbsp in the month of October. While the 4G speed was 19.1 Mbps in the month of September. According to the data of telecom company Jio, there is a fierce competition between Airtel and Vi in terms of download speed.

downloading speed

Jio – 20.3 Mbps
Airtel – 15 Mbps
Vi – 14.5 Mbps

Airtel’s average 4G downloading speed was 15 Mbps in October, according to Trai data. During this period, the average downloading speed of Vi was 14.5 Mbps. Improvement has been registered in the speed of both the companies in the last month. But despite this, the average 4G download speed of Airtel and Vi is less than the downloading speed of Jio. Jio’s downloading speed is 5 Mbps more than Airtel and Vi.

uploading speed
Jio – 6.2 Mbps
Airtel – 4.5 Mbps
Vi – 2.7 Mbps

Reliance Jio also ranks first in terms of average 4G uploading speed. Jio’s average uploading speed in October has been 6.2 mbps. Meanwhile, Vi’s average uploading speed has been 4.5 Mbps. In this way Vi is present in the second position in October in terms of uploading speed. However, a continuous decline is being recorded in the uploading speed of Airtel. Airtel’s average 4G uploading speed has been 2.7 Mbps. Airtel’s upload speed is half as compared to Jio.



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