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Keep photos and documents safe, just one click, hide any app


In mobile phones, now you do not only calling but also do many other important things.
There are many photos and documents in the phone that need to be hidden.
Currently, there are many such apps, through which you can hide apps.

New Delhi: There are many reasons for hiding the app in a mobile phone. It may be that the phone has an important document that you want to keep hidden. Or there may be personal apps or bank details which need to be hidden. The option to hide apps is not available in any brand of Android phone. However, if you want to hide the app on your phone, then you can put a lock on that app. So that even if someone accesses the app, he cannot unlock the app.

Currently, there are many types of apps available to hide apps. Today we are going to tell you about one such app, using which apps can be hidden and with this you can also keep your documents safe.

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nova launcher
This is a very popular app. If this app is not present in your phone, then first install this app from play store. This app is free. After installing the app, you have to follow some steps given below.

Step 1: After installing the Nova Launcher app, open it. Then go to Nova Settings. Select App Drawer on the home page.
Step 2: After selecting the app drawer, scroll down to the end and click on the Hide App option. Now all the apps of the phone will be visible on the screen.

Step 3: Then click on the app you want to hide. Check those apps and save. After this the app will be hidden.

If you want to unhide these apps, then go to the menu of the Nova Launcher app. The apps that have been hidden will be ticked in front of the Hide App option. Uncheck them by clicking on it and save them. This will go to unhide the app.

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