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Keep these things in mind while using SBI Netbanking, it may take heavy lime

New Delhi. After the arrival of SBI Netbanking / Mobile Banking, a big question of safety has arisen in front of the people. Sometimes making a small mistake can result in a huge loss. In such times you need to be very careful. Banks keep giving you safety tips from time to time. Today we are going to tell you about some such safety tips. State Bank of India (SBI) has also written this safety tips on its official site.

According to the SBI website, if you are searching SBI Netbanking Site on Google, then it is very important that you identify the official site. Because many times there are many fake sites on Google and these sites get your personal data without permission. This can cause you a lot of damage. Also, you should avoid downloading any app on the smartphone. Such apps take your mobile data without permission.

E-mail also needs a lot of care. Sometimes mails are sent from banks, but sometimes scammers also send similar mails, which makes you think that this mail has been sent from the bank. In such a situation, without any thought, users send their bank details in response to that mail. But its loss is the most when money is withdrawn from the bank account. Remember that banks never receive personal information over the phone and mail.

Same is the case with SMS. SBI or any bank never receives personal information over messages. If any information is obtained on phone call also, then you should not give it. In such scams, money is also withdrawn with the help of internet banking. The most important thing is that if any such EMAIL / Phone / SMS comes, then you should not give any answer. You may have to face heavy losses due to this.



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