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Know what is Hill Assist system, how does it work in your car?


Hill assist feature is related to braking.
This feature is very much needed while driving in hilly areas.
Due to this, the vehicle does not go backwards even if the brakes are damaged on the slope.

In today’s era, vehicles are launched with new features. Vehicle manufacturers are also presenting it among the people with advanced features in the race to get ahead of each other. Not only this, there are many people who, while buying a vehicle, also demand maximum features according to their budget. Most of the vehicles these days are coming with hill assist features. There are very few people who know about it.

Not only can the driver keep himself safe by using this, but the hill assist feature is very helpful in avoiding collisions with the vehicles coming from the front and rear.

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Which vehicles have this feature and where can it be used?
Most of the vehicles these days are launched with hill assist feature only. The biggest reason behind this is that people are now using it not only for traveling from home to office or relatives, but also for picnics from one state to another. Hyundai Creta is included in the list of most liked cars in today’s time. If you also have this car, then you can use the hill assist feature in it. It is needed while driving in hilly areas.

What is hill assist feature
For those who live in hilly or sloping places, it is very important to have hill assist feature in the car. In fact, due to the slope many times, the vehicle starts rolling downwards even after applying the brakes. To avoid such a situation, they take the help of hill assist feature. In fact, whenever people apply brakes at high places, only then the vehicle stops. But after some time after releasing the brake to drive it forward, it started moving.

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How hill assist works
Hill assist feature is very important to avoid accidents. In old vehicles, while driving on height and slope, as soon as the brake is released, the vehicle picks up speed. But the vehicle which has hill assist feature starts moving a few seconds after releasing the brake. It will not start moving backward or forward until the driver presses on the accelerator. In some it works automatically, while on the other hand in new cars there is a separate button for this.

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