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Learn Step by Step How to Activate ‘Panic Mode’ in Samsung Galaxy

Panic Mode in Samsung Galaxy Phones: Samsung’s smartphone comes with many features including ‘Panic Mode’. This feature helps users to quickly connect to the contacts saved in the phone when needed. In this article, we are telling you how you can use this feature when needed.

With the help of the steps mentioned here, you can enable and use ‘Panic Mode’ on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

What is panic mode feature

Samsung introduces the “Panic Mode” feature in its smartphones which can help you to quickly contact the numbers saved in your contact list in case of an emergency. You can use it in any bad circumstances. To use this feature, you must enable it

  • How to Enable ‘Panic Mode’ Feature on Samsung Phones
  • Go to the settings of your Samsung smartphone.
  • Scroll down to Advanced feature option and find Panic mode option.
  • Tap on Send SOS message option.
  • Turn on the toggle for Send SOS messages.
  • Give necessary permissions and access apps that you can use in case of an emergency.
  • Hit the start button and add your emergency numbers.

How the ‘Panic Mode’ feature works

When this feature is turned on, whenever you press the power button three times, your smartphone will dial 112. The phone will call or text contacts that you have saved as your emergency numbers. This feature allows you to associate the photo with the SOS message. So that you can tell what kind of emergency you are in.

The ‘Panic Mode’ feature was first rolled out to all Samsung Galaxy smartphones in 2017. Users can turn the feature on or off by tapping the Send SOS message toggle. This feature is in the form of an emergency button mandate. It was first brought in view of crime against women. This feature helps the users to reach their family and friends in case of emergency. Smartphones like the Google Pixel series and the recently launched iPhone 14 series have features like crash detection and emergency SOS via satellite.

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