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Leave the geyser, bring home this Heater Rod of 393, it will make water hot in 1 minute

New Delhi. With the onset of winters, the demand for geysers skyrockets. If you are also thinking of buying a new geyser, then you probably will not need it. Because a new road has come in the market and you can heat water in a jiffy with it. Before using this road, you have to take special care of some things.

Copper Water Heater Rod-

You can easily buy REPISH Shock-Proof & Water-Proof Copper 1500 W Immersion Heater Rod 1500 W Shock Proof Immersion Heater Rod (Water) from Flipkart. This road is used for heating water. Its MRP is Rs.999 and you can buy it for Rs.393 after 60% discount. On ordering today, it will also be delivered to your home within 2 days.

Water Heating Rod-

Heating Rod consumes 1500W power. Also, it is very easy to heat water with it. Copper coating has also been given in it along with copper tube heating element. Due to the high-end copper, it also becomes shock proof. It comes with 7 days replacement policy. If you have any complaint with the product then you can also return it. You just have to follow the policy.

Water Heating Rod In Copper-

CRAFTIFY Copper Premium Quality ISI Mark Water-Proof & Shock- Proof 1500 W Immersion Heater Rod (Water) can also prove to be the best option. Its MRP is also Rs.999 and you can buy it for Rs.386 after 61% discount. This too will be delivered via Flipkart within 2 days. If you want to buy such a device for less money, which can heat water easily, then this can prove to be the best option for you.

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