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Life will end! Will not be able to buy these headphones, cost 6 crores

Hobby is a big thing sir! We think that if we get one crore, then we will get a car, a bungalow and all the things of comfort. But do you know that some people are obsessed with having expensive headphones. This is the reason why headphones are available in the market even at a price of Rs 6.19 crore. Do you know which are the most expensive headphones in the world? If not, then know today..

6 crore headphones

The world’s most expensive headphone is Beats Pro, which costs Rs 6.19 crore. 6.5 carat gold and ruby ​​have been used to make it. Along with this, platinum has also been used in making it. It is made by a jewelry company in London. These headphones are made on special order.

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18 carat gold headphones
The second most expensive headphone is Focal Ytopia with a price of around Rs.88 Lakh. 18 carat gold has been used in this.

third most expensive phone
The third most expensive headphone is Onkyo H900M Diamond. 20 carat diamond has been used in making this. Its price is 100,000 dollars i.e. around 82 lakh rupees.

43 lakh headphones
The fourth name in this list is that of the Sennheiser brand. The price of its Sennheiser Orpheus / HE 1 headphones is about 12,000 pounds, about 43 lakh rupees.

10 lakh headphones
Talking about the fifth most expensive headphones in the world, the name of Spirit Torino Valkyria Titanium comes out in this list. Talking about its price, the headphone comes for $ 12,800 i.e. around Rs 10 lakh.

Note The question arises that who buys these headphones? So tell that some users make it on special order. Some of the same headphones are displayed in special events on special orders.

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