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Long drive and EV, just keep some things in mind and your journey will be wonderful


Before going on a long journey with an EV, check the charging points on the way in advance.
Avoid night driving if you want to travel long distances.
By revving the car more, the battery discharges quickly.

New Delhi. An assumption is being made about electric vehicles that they are city ride cars, but this is not the case at all. The range of electric cars that are now available in the market is quite good, although even during long rides or traveling from one city to another, there may be a problem regarding charging, but by keeping some things in mind, these problems can be avoided. You can also get relief.

By the way, these days the facility of charging electric vehicles has become common on many highways and the government is also working continuously for this. Recently, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari had said that the government is working on the project of electric highway. At the same time, restaurant and motel operators have also installed charging points on their properties to provide convenience to the people between the big cities.

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Take special care of these things

  • Fully charge the car before going on any long ride.
  • Do not rev the car forcibly, by doing this the charging ends faster.
  • If not needed, do not use AC or reduce it.
  • Avoid traveling at night if you want to cover long distances, due to headlights at night, charging is needed quickly.
  • If you are traveling in hills, then take information about the charging points in advance and start climbing with full charge.
  • EV companies also provide 15 volt normal socket charger along with the vehicle, definitely keep it with you. It may take some time to charge but the facility of charging will be available everywhere.
  • Always carry an extension cord with you.
  • You must download the app of the company whose EV you have, because only on it you will get information about the charging points.
  • If there is a need to charge the vehicle on the way, then do not charge it fully, after 80 percent charge, it takes a long time for the vehicle to be fully charged. Charge 80 percent to save time and fully charge the vehicle upon reaching the destination.
  • Do not take the car to the top speed limit, drive the car at an average speed. By doing this the charging will last longer.

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Wallet and UPI
EV charging stations are chargeable in some places but there you cannot make payment by cash or card. They are completely dependent on the UPI app and e-wallets. For this, you will always have to keep the UPI app or e-wallet in your phone. In this way, you can easily charge your car by paying.

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