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Mahindra Company: Anand Mahindra took the photo 47 years ago, now remembered, people praised him fiercely

Anand Mahindra Twitter : The social site tweets of Anand Mahindra, the country’s well-known industrialist and chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra Group, often go viral. Funny tweets of Mahindra are going viral on social media. In this tweet, he has shared a photo. Let me tell you that he had taken this photo himself. He himself clicked this photo in the year 1975. Mahindra has also written a few lines on this photo. Social media users are praising Mahindra’s photography skills tremendously. See what is special in this photo.

Words spoken by mouth make good communication

Took this pic in Toledo, Spain in 1975 when I was doing a student photography project. As 5G networks roll out around the world, this reminded me that the most efficient communication network will always be word of mouth…😊 pic.twitter.com/jWj6NJCsNx

— anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) August 13, 2022” title=”” target=””>

Anand Mahindra has shared a photo taken in 1975 from his Twitter handle. With this photo he wrote, ‘This photo was taken in Toledo, Spain in 1975, when I was doing a student photography project. At this time 5G network is being rolled out worldwide. It reminded me that the best communication network will always be word of mouth. In this photo taken by Mahindra, people are talking in groups.

want to give job to birds

Nature is simply brilliant. I think we need to recruit these birds for our Corporate Risk and Corporate Strategy Departments! pic.twitter.com/HCZ231mXp6

— anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) August 6, 2022” title=”” target=””>
Mahindra recently did a tweet. In which he shared a photo of a bird. In this photo a bird is seen making a nest. Mahindra says that he wants to give this bird a job in his company. This bird makes a fake path in its nest to protect its chicks from predators like snakes. The hunters take this as the real way and are deceived. Anand Mahindra is in awe of this bird.

Amazing tweet by Mahindra
Anand Mahindra tweeted, ‘Nature is really amazing. I think we should recruit this bird in our Corporate Risk and Corporate Strategy departments. Anand Mahindra’s point is to recruit such people who can protect the company from risk by making policies like this bird. He has also shared the picture of this bird in this tweet. This bird is found in Africa’s Angola, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Its name is Cape Penduline Tit or southern penduline tit.

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