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Make these changes in AC before summer, cooling will be double, electricity bill will also be halved

New Delhi. The heat has intensified in the month of February. This is the reason why the demand for AC is also going to be very high this month. This is the reason why you should buy AC for summer well in advance. If you have an old AC in your house, you can fix it too and it will start cooling like a brand new AC. So let us also tell you some such home remedies-

AC service-

It is very important to get the AC service done at home. Whenever you use AC, get it serviced first. Because the direct connection of service is with the cooling of AC. After the service, the life of AC also becomes much longer. After getting the service done, a lot of electricity is also saved because the cooling of AC becomes more and you use it less.

Get the gas checked-

Before starting the AC again, you should also check its gas. It is often seen that after reducing the gas in the AC, its cooling also reduces considerably. You don’t need to do anything different to do this. You can also get the gas check done very easily. You have to call an engineer to get the gas checked. After checking the gas pressure, it is brought to the level. After this the cooling of AC also becomes very good.

Cooling Coil Clean-

AC’s cooling is directly connected to its cooling coil. If the cooling coil of your AC is clean, then the cooling will be equally good. After the cooling is good, you will use it very less. If the use of AC is less then the electricity bill will also come down. This is the reason why many people are adopting this trick. You will have to do the same thing with the cooling coil.

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