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Man made his own High Speed ​​Fiber Internet, the government gave a hefty amount of 21 crores

New Delhi. Everyone needs high speed internet, but sometimes there is a problem due to not getting it. Have you ever thought that if a person does not get High Speed ​​Internet, then he has made his own High-Speed ​​Internet, but it has happened. In Michigan, USA, a person struggling with the problem of poor internet speed has made his own high-speed internet.

The person has started his Fiber-Internet service. When a person named Jord Mauch created high-speed Internet, everyone was surprised to see it. He left his job and returned home in 2002. With no high-speed internet in the area, they have decided to build their own internet connection. After working hard for about 4 years, he made his own high-speed internet.

In view of the high-speed internet, the government also decided to support Jordan and he was also given an assistance amount of Rs 21 crore. Actually, because of the jord, all the people of the area are getting high-speed internet at an affordable price. Jord Mauch’s company offers 100Mbps data for 55 dollars. Whereas for 1Gbps only $ 79 will have to be paid. Jord Mauch’s company is continuously spreading its feet in Michigan.

Excitel is giving free internet-

Excitel is the largest internet provider company in India. This company gives high-speed internet to people’s homes. Now the company has changed its policy. After this change, it has been decided that if you want free internet then you will have to file a complaint. That is, if you have filed a complaint about internet and your internet is not fixed within 4 hours or in any given time by the company then you will be given absolutely free internet for one day.




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