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Mercury thermometer banned in 140 countries! If you use then be careful, you can use Digital Thermometer of Rs 179

New Delhi. Till now many people in the country use mercury thermometer. But it can be so dangerous that it is not a matter of common people to think about it. Actually mercury is a metal but it is liquid like water and oil. If you accidentally get some mercury from the mercury thermometer in your mouth, then you will suffer a lot.

How harmful is mercury? If mercury enters a person’s body, it can become life-threatening. Due to the mercury in the stomach, vomiting will occur and you may get cholera. Apart from this, there may also be nausea, severe pain in the stomach. So if you use mercury thermometer then you should be careful.

Mercury thermometer banned in 140 countries Mercury thermometer is banned in 140 countries of the world. You should be careful if the mercury thermometer breaks. Because it is 65 degree centigradeAt a temperature of d, it becomes vapor and can be inhaled into your lungs and you can die.

Buy Digital Thermometer at Rs.179- If you are thinking of buying a digital thermometer then you can buy a digital thermometer which comes at just Rs.179. You can buy Celsius Waterproof Thermometer on e-commerce site Amazon. Its tip is flexible. It can be switched off when it is done. After the thermometer is used to take fever, it starts giving a sound, which shows that the testing is complete.



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