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Meta reveals why women are leaving Facebook

Meta Research: India is one of the world’s largest market for Facebook, but now Meta is facing difficulties in increasing the users in India itself. The biggest reason for this is the increasing obscenity on social media sites. Due to the increasing obscenity on social media sites, Indian women have started leaving the platform feeling themselves insecure. This has been revealed not from anywhere else but from a research of Meta itself which lasted for two years. Meta had done this research regarding business challenges in India. Let me tell you, this research was completed at the end of the year 2021.

Why are women leaving Facebook?

According to this internal report by Meta, many women left Facebook simply because they were concerned about their safety and dignity. The report also revealed that more negative content plays out in India than other countries. Let me tell you, without women, Meta India cannot do successful business.

In the research, 79% of female users have expressed concern about misuse of their content and photos on Facebook. Along with this, 20 to 30% of women said that they have faced obscenity on Facebook in the last seven days. This is the reason why Facebook brought the feature of Lock Profile Picture, after which 34 percent of Indian women have used this feature till June 2021.

Other reasons for not increasing users on Facebook

Apart from this, some other reasons for not increasing users on Facebook have also been revealed. These include.

  • pornographic content
  • complex app design
  • language barrier

This research of Meta has been done by surveying thousands of people. This report says that Facebook has 450 million users in India. Such a large number of Facebook users are not in any other country, but there has been a decrease in Facebook users since last year compared to other platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram.

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