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Microsoft’s 27-year-old browser will be closed today, know the reason

Microsoft is shutting down Internet Explorer : Microsoft is shutting down its browser Internet Explorer today. The reason for the closure of Internet Explorer is being told that this web browser is not able to stand in front of today’s browser. Information has come to the fore that now only five percent people are using it. You will be surprised to know that till 2003 this web browser of Microsoft was on top.

When it was launched, few people had internet service available. People used to have problems working on the Internet. After the arrival of this browser, it became easy for people to work on the Internet and then its popularity went on increasing among the people. At that time, it played a big role in getting the records out to the police, in providing educational materials to the students. Then many social media platforms came in the market. Now people started accessing Internet Explorer to use those social media platforms. Government agencies and financial institutions are said to still be using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

August 16, 1995. This was the day when Microsoft released Internet Explorer. At that time it was the first such web browser that people had taken in their hands. When people used to go to cyber cafes, they used to work on this web browser.

This browser will replace Internet Explorer

The closure of Internet Explorer does not mean that there will no longer be any Microsoft browser in the market. It is being replaced by Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser, which supports all Windows and macOS. You can replace the legacy version by downloading it. Microsoft has made big claims about its speed and performance. It is said that it will get inbuilt privacy and security.

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