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Mobile calling recharge of Airtel, Jio, Vi will be stopped? Entry of 5G became the reason

New Delhi. 5G service is being rolled out across the country by Airtel and Jio. In such a situation, it is being claimed that after the 5G rollout, the calling recharge of Airtel and Jio companies may stop. Because in the coming days people will use WhatsApp voice and video calling. Right now Whatsapp calling is not very beneficial, because now there is network problem in WhatsApp calling in 4G network. But when 5G network will be rolled out across the country, at that time everyone will have high speed internet, at that time people will stop taking calling recharge of Airtel and Jio.

Difference between WhatsApp and mobile calling
The advantage of WhatsApp calling is that no one can record your conversation in it. This is because WhatsApp calling is encryption based. This is the reason why WhatsApp calling is considered more secure than mobile calling. You do not have to recharge separately for the same WhatsApp calling. Free calling can be done with the help of mobile data or Wi-Fi.

What do experts say
According to experts, mobile calling is not going to stop in the near future. Because there is such a country, where even today people use feature phones. Also, mobile internet speed is still slow in many areas, where 4G network is already present. In such a situation, it would be premature to claim that the mobile calling recharge plan will be closed after the entry of 5G network. However, it can definitely happen that there may be a need for a reduction in the recharge of mobile calling. If there is a decrease in the recharge of mobile calling, then it is clear that there will be an increase in mobile data recharge. In such a situation, people will demand more data, then mobile companies can make mobile data expensive. In such a situation, there will be no loss to the telecom company.

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