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Mobile Internet will work like a rocket, these are the easiest tricks to increase speed

Boost Smartphone Internet: In today’s time, the world of most people is incomplete without smartphone and internet. Now in such a situation, if the internal of the phone starts working slowly, then it causes a lot of irritability to the users. If your smartphone’s internet also works slowly. Or rather, if you do not get good speed in it, then this news is for you. We have come up with some great tricks, by adopting which you can easily boost the internet speed of the phone. After this you will be able to use data at super fast speed.

turn on airplane mode

If the internet speed of your smartphone becomes slow, then here we have some great tricks for you to increase the speed. To speed up your phone’s internet speed, turn on your phone’s Airplane Mode. After waiting for some time when you will turn off the mode, you will see a big difference in internet speed.

Make this change in settings

Another way to increase internet speed is to change your settings. Actually, the mobile data of your phone gives some network options which depend on your SIM. Many times it happens that even if there is a 4G network, the signal is not good. In this case, you go to the phone’s settings, click on the option ‘Mobile data’ and after that switch on the option ‘2G/3G/4G Auto’. In this way, the phone will automatically give you the network on which the internet will be coming at the best speed.

SIM card trick

If your internet is running very slow, then we are telling you another trick, which can increase the speed of mobile data. You check your SIM card. It may also happen that dust has settled on your SIM card and the internet speed has decreased due to contaminants. In this case, take out your SIM card and clean it. Along with this, remember that you always put your internet SIM in slot 1.

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