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Mouse sold for more than 1.30 crores, had connection with Steve Jobs, was about to make legend of computers

New Delhi. Today, if you want to buy a good mouse, you can get a very good product in the range of Rs 200 to Rs 700-800. Wired mice are even cheaper. Mouse from Dell, HP to all big companies that can be connected to Bluetooth can be found for a maximum of Rs 1,000. But it is a matter of curiosity that the mouse which inspired Apple’s founder Steve Jobs has been auctioned for 1,47,000 Euros. Means more than 17 lakhs.

Due to the high cost of that mouse of Steve Jobs, it has become a topic of discussion on the internet. The initial mouse and coding kit was created by Douglas Engelbart, the legend of the computing world. Engelbart was the head of the controller system. Last week, at RR Auction’s sale in Boston, the lot sold for almost 12 times its asking price of 12,000 Euros.

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The metal disc used to indicate the position of the cursor.
Please tell that Engelbart had worked hard to make this initial mouse. There were 3 buttons in this mouse. Engelbart used two metal discs on the X-axis and Y-axis, so that the position of the cursor could be accurately detected. The later mouse changed a lot and a ball was used. These days light is used. The movement of the mouse cursor is done through light only.

There were 4 keys in the coding keyset, with the help of which 31 key press combinations could be pressed for typing and giving commands. This pair of early input devices was exactly the same as those introduced in Engelbart’s 1968 ‘Mother of All Demos’.

If Steve Jobs doesn’t adopt…
In the live demo, information about the entire computer hardware and software system was given. In this, for the first time, the fundamentals of modern personal computing were told. Mother of all demos proved to be very effective. It is another matter that it took a decade for the ideas shown in it to become a ground reality. Impressed by some things in this demo, Steve Jobs adopted them. Even after Steve Jobs adopted it, it took so long, if he had not adopted it, it might have taken more time.

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