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Mushroom is not only for eating now, it will also be used in making mobile and computer chips

Mushroom as a Polymer Chip Substitute: On one hand the world is moving towards progress, and on the other hand the same progress is working to harm the world in the form of electronic waste. In which a large part is of electronic chips and batteries. The plastic used to make them. It cannot be recycled, but scientists have recently found a substitute for it in the form of mushrooms. Which is being further claimed that it can be used as an electronic chip.

Polymer chip is not recycled

According to scientist Martin Kaltenbrunner of Johannes Kepler University of Australia, the chips we are currently using in electric devices. They cannot be recycled. If they can be recycled, then they can be used again.

Mushroom will become an alternative to plastic

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Martin and his team have recently found Ganoderma lucidum species of mushroom growing on rotting trees to meet all the parameters of the substrate of the chip. Due to which the hopes of using it instead of plastic in electric chip have increased.

Actually, the upper surface of Ganoderma mushroom has been discovered as a good insulator, which has the ability to withstand temperatures up to 200 degree Celsius. Which can now become a better alternative to the chip made of plastic polymers. While the plastic polymer chip is thrown away when it is damaged.

Battery and bluetooth will also work

The upper surface of Ganoderma mushroom is so strong that it can remain safe for years. And it can be used in different devices. Apart from chips, it can also be used in making common batteries. Apart from this, it can also be used in low power bluetooth sensor.

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