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Netflix disappointed! Shared password outside home? So have to pay extra Rs.

New Delhi. Netflix has rolled out the Password Sharing feature in select countries. These countries include Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. However, it is expected that the Netflix Password Sharing feature will be rolled out in India by the end of this March. After the rollout of this feature, users will not be able to share Netflix password outside the home. That means sharing Netflix password with outsiders of the house will have to pay extra charge. A list of extra charges has also been released by Netflix.

Will not be able to share Netflix password
Netflix will set the primary location for each account. Accordingly, it will be decided that people living in one location will be able to use the Netflix account. Sharing a Netflix password with people outside the household will require a Standard and Premium subscription. Adding external users to the Netflix account will cost you $7.99 in Canada, $7.99 in New Zealand, €3.99 in Portugal and $5.99 in Spain.

Who is using Netflix account

A new facility is being given to account users by Netflix. With the help of which users will be able to find out who and from where is using your Netflix account. In this way users will be able to block users who are running your account from their theft.

Why the Netflix password sharing feature was turned off
Netflix believes that users share a single screen subscription with many users. Due to which the company is continuously suffering huge losses. In such a situation, the password sharing option is being introduced by Netflix.

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