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Netflix to set up in-house gaming studio in Helsinki, company to make original games


Netflix will set up its in-house gaming studio in Helsinki.
Its purpose is to make original game without ads and without in-app.
At present, the company has not given any information about the upcoming gaming plans.

New Delhi. Netflix announced that it will set up its in-house gaming studio in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, to make original games without ads and without in-apps. However, the company has not given any information about its upcoming gaming plans. The company has said that Zynga and EA alum Marko Lastikka will serve as directors for the upcoming gaming studio in Helsinki.

Netflix has said it is too early to talk about its plans to develop its upcoming gaming studio, as it can take many years to make a new game. The company further said that it will keep updating its users in the coming years.

It will take many years to make a game
Netflix has written in one of its blogs that it can take years to make a game, so it is proud to see how we are laying the foundation of our game studio in its first year and what we will do in the coming years. We will produce, we look forward to sharing it.

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Next Games acquisition
The move comes several months after the company acquired Finland-based mobile gaming studio Next Games. Next Games is famous for games like The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land and The Walking Dead: Our World. Apart from this, the company is also known for making games based on popular entertainment franchises such as Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales. Let us tell you that the gaming studio portfolio of Next Games Company also includes studios like Night School Studio and Boss Fight Entertainment.

bought night school studio
Night School Studios is known for its gaming oxenfree. It will be available as a free-to-download-game for Netflix’s Android and iOS customers and was acquired by Netflix in September 2021. On the other hand, the company acquired Boss Fight Entertainment in March 2022. At the same time, Next Games joined Netflix’s portfolio. It is famous for games like Dungeon Boss and My VEGAS Bingo.

The company will offer the game through third party
Looking at all these acquisitions, it seems that the company not only wants to offer games by third party companies, but it also plans to introduce new games which are original games of its own platform. Web series and movies also offer in the same way.

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