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New rule of SIM card! Pay attention to online banking, otherwise you will have to bear the loss

New Delhi. A new SIM card rule has been implemented by the Department of Telecom (DoT), which users doing online banking should know. In fact, the government has introduced a new SIM card rule for the purpose of preventing bank fraud through SIM cards. Under the new rule, DoT has directed telecom companies Airtel, Jio, Vi, BSNL and MTNL to stop the incoming and outgoing SMS facility for 24 hours after the new SIM is activated. DoT has ordered all telecom companies to implement the new rule within 15 days.

why brought new testament
The new SIM card rule has been brought in view of the increasing cases of SIM swapping. At present, a new SIM is issued by stealing the personal issue of the customer. After which the old SIM is switched off without the knowledge of the customer. Incidents like banking fraud are carried out by getting OTT from the same new SIM. In such a situation, DoT ordered the telecom companies to send SMS to the old number of the customer within 24 hours of the activation of the new SIM, whether a request has been made on their behalf to upgrade or upgrade the new SIM? If the customer declines the request for a new SIM, the new SIM will not be activated.

Rule taken in view of increasing banking fraud
An increase in digital transactions is being recorded in the country. However, banking fraud is stumbling block in the digital path. It has been seen on many occasions that big banking frauds have been carried out through SIM swapping. In such a situation, the government has instructed all telecom companies to implement a new SIM within 24 hours for SIM activation.



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