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Now Apple users will be able to take advantage of 5G service, 5G smartphones of these companies are already in the market.

5G service on Apple iPhone: There is good news for Apple users. Now people using iPhone in the country will be able to take advantage of 5G service. This facility will be available from 07 November. Users will get this facility through the iOS 16 beta software program. According to the Telecom Ministry, 5G will be enabled through a software update and will be rolled out on all iPhones in the month of December. Whereas 5G phones had already come in the market for Android users. Companies like One Plus, Samsung, Real Me etc. have been continuously launching 5G smartphones for the past several months.

The 5G service in the iPhone will be available under the beta software program. Airtel and Jio customers participating in this will be able to use 5G only after the update. Users running iPhone-14, iPhone-13, iPhone-12 and iPhone SE (3rd generation) phones can use the beta software program for 5G.

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