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Now Facebook and Instagram will be able to run from the same platform, Meta is bringing new feature, small work will have to be done


Soon users will be able to access both Facebook and Instagram from one place.
For this, users will have to link both their accounts.
This feature will make it easier for users to login.

New Delhi. Meta is introducing new features on its Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp social media apps, so that users can get a better experience on these platforms. In this sequence, the company is now bringing such a feature, through which users will be able to access both Facebook and Instagram from the same place. At present, the company is testing this feature.

In this regard, Meta said on Monday that it is testing a new feature, which aims to help users easily manage Facebook and Instagram accounts through the interface. This move of Meta is an effort to strengthen the company’s apps.

Can switch between accounts
This feature allows users to switch between Facebook and Instagram accounts. For this, users will have to link both their accounts. Once the account is linked, people can easily toggle between both the apps and can also see the notifications of both the apps. This also works for people who have multiple accounts.

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Creating an account will be easy
In addition, Meta has also modified its user-registration process to make it easier for users to log in and create new Facebook and Instagram accounts. This feature can help users to create both app accounts instead of one app. Apart from this, in the event of having an account on one in both Facebook or Instagram, it will be easy to create an account on the other and it will be informed through the notification.

Switch limited to Facebook and Instagram
Meta said the new account management features are currently limited to Facebook and Instagram, but the company will continue to explore ways to improve the connected experience across all technologies. Let us tell you that the company started the meta account in July. It allows people to access their virtual reality headset without using their Facebook account.

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