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Now petrol pumps will not be able to steal oil, small device will become spy, Pune’s firm got American patent


The small device will fit just outside the fuel tank.
The sensors attached to the device will be inside the tank.
With this, truck operators will be able to avoid big losses.

New Delhi. Theft of petrol or diesel, one or the other has faced or continues to face this problem. But there was no solution to this problem yet. But now a Pune-based company, Intangles Lab, has developed such a device that will catch all kinds of theft of petrol and diesel in a jiffy. The company has also got a patent for this device from the US Patent and Trademark Office. Through this device, real time information about how much and from where petrol diesel has been poured will be in front of the user.

The fuel pilferage monitoring system is currently designed for commercial vehicles and is also being used. The biggest objective of this device is to bring transparency among truck drivers, fuel stations and fleet operators. According to the company, theft of two lakh liters in a month was caught through this device. At the same time, theft of about 1 million liters of fuel has been stopped in three months.

How petrol is stolen
According to a report in Hindustan Times, the company’s co-founder and head of analytics Aman Singh said that if we talk about large commercial vehicles, then 40 ton truck or 50 ton truck does not give much mileage and it covers 2 to 3 km. Can run in one litre. In such a situation, truck operators suffer a big loss due to the theft of diesel.

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Aman told that the theft of diesel usually happens in two ways. For one, only truck drivers do this. For example, they get 100 liters of diesel filled in the vehicle and take a bill of 200 liters. In this case, the truck operator directly suffers a loss of 100 litres. Whereas the second method is done at the petrol pump. In this, instead of 100 liters, only 90 liters of fuel is poured from the pump. But the meter shows full 100 litres.

how will the thief be caught
Aman told that our device will give correct information to the fleet operators that how much petrol has been put in the vehicle. It will be an external device whose sensors will be inside the fuel tank. These sensors will record the exact amount of fuel consumed. This complete information will reach the fleet operator in real time on the mobile. In this, you will get complete information regarding how much fuel was put in the truck, at which location or pump and how much fuel was put.

Device will come in Mahindra vehicles
The company has currently tied up with Mahindra regarding this system. This device is being installed in new trucks of Mahindra. Along with this, the company is also in talks with IOCL and BPCL regarding this technology. Aman says that there will be no need for any alteration to install this device, nor will there be any damage to the fuel tank of the truck.

Can also be installed in passenger vehicle
According to Aman, at present this device has been designed for commercial vehicles but it can also be used in passenger vehicles. He told that a separate device is also being developed for passenger vehicles, which will soon be available in the market.

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