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Now Poco X3 Pro explodes like a bomb; Victim shared intimidating pictures on Twitter

In the last few months, many incidents of phone explosions have come to the fore. At one place, the plane had to be made to emergency landing for the phone to catch fire. Surprisingly, in most such cases, the company has blamed the customers. Due to the continuous appearance of such intimidating pictures and videos, fear has settled in the minds of people, it can happen to anyone. Recently a similar intimidating encounter has come from Himachal. The victim has shared pictures of the blasted phone on Twitter, which can scare anyone. The phone has been blown up in the pictures. Let’s know what is the whole matter…

Actually, Twitter user @Ammybhardwaj13 has posted a post from his Twitter account today, in which he has informed about the explosion of his Poco X3 Pro smartphone. In the tweet, he has told that he had bought this phone only 2 months ago, which exploded like a bomb during charging today. In the tweet, he has said in a strict tone to the company that my phone should be replaced, otherwise I will file a complaint against the company. The pictures shared with the tweet are clearly telling how dangerous the accident was.

While talking to a media organization, the victim said, “I live in Himachal Pradesh and I bought the phone from Dhiman Electronics Works and Mobile, Jawali, Kangra for two months, Poco X3 Pro smartphone. I put the phone on charge and when it 100 was charged then I took it out and threw it on the bed and went to the washroom. After 5-7 minutes when I came back I saw that the phone was on fire and my bed blanket was burnt. I hurried to her Thrown down from the bed and poured water to douse the fire.”

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The victim further said that “I have submitted the phone to the service center and I have got the complaint number. We have not yet received any assurance from the service center whether the phone will be replaced by a new one or not. Though asked for all the details from me. and which I have provided immediately.”


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