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Now these 30 apps have been revealed, dangerous malware found

Dangerous Apps For Android: Google is taking many steps regarding cyber security. Google has also blocked many apps from its Play Store, but even now there are constant revelations about these dangerous apps. Now 30 apps have been detected. These dangerous apps have also been downloaded 300,000 times on the Google Play Store. In such a situation, it becomes an issue of cyber security of the users. Through these dangerous apps, cyber criminals can steal users’ data, take over social media handles and accounts of users. Here we are showing you the list of these apps. If these apps are on your phone, then uninstall them immediately.

Check out the full list of 30 Dangerous Apps on the Google Play Store:

  1. Creative Emoji Keyboard – Creative Emoji Keyboard
  2. Fancy SMS – Fancy SMS
  3. Fonts Emoji Keyboard – Fonts Emoji Keyboard
  4. keyboards Personal Message – Keyboards Personal Message
  5. Funny Emoji Message – Funny Emoji Message
  6. Magic Photo Editor – Magic Photo Editor
  7. Professional Messages – Professional Messages
  8. All Photo Translator – All Photo Translator
  9. Chat SMS – Chat SMS
  10. Smile Emoji – Smile Emoji
  11. Wow Translator – Wow Translator
  12. All Language Translate – All Language Translator
  13. Cool Messages
  14. Blood Pressure Diary – Blood Pressure Diary
  15. Chat Text SMS – Chat Text SMS
  16. Hi Text SMS – Hi Text SMS
  17. Emoji Theme Keyboard – Emoji Theme Keyboard
  18. iMessager – i Messenger
  19. Camera Translator – Camera Translator
  20. Come Messages
  21. Painting Photo Editor – Painting Photo Editor
  22. Rich Theme Message – Rich Theme Message
  23. Quick Talk Message – Quick Talk Message
  24. Advanced SMS – Advanced SMS
  25. Professional Messenger – Professional Messenger
  26. Classic Game Messenger – Classic Game Messenger
  27. Style Message
  28. Private Game Messages – Private Game Messages
  29. Timestamp Camera – Timestamp Camera
  30. Social Message – Social Message

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