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Now verify your YouTube account in a pinch, follow these easy steps – how to verify your youtube account follow these easy steps – News18 Hindi


Now you can easily verify your YouTube account.
You will just need the phone number for account verification.
You will not get any additional benefits if the account is verified.

New Delhi. YouTube Verification allows you to upload videos longer than 15 minutes and customize your video thumbnails. Any person can verify his YouTube account. For this you will have to proof your identity. You only need a phone number to prove your identity. However, verification on YouTube does not mean that you get the verification badge.

Actually, the verification badge is given to those YouTubers who have more than 100,000 subscribers. However, the badge does not give you access to any additional features. If you still want to verify your account, then we tell you how you can verify your YouTube account.

To verify YouTube account, you must have an internet connection and a phone number, because some countries use text-messages for verification and verify the account by sending OTP to the phone number.

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How to verify YouTube account?
1. First of all go to from your device.
2- Now scroll down in the toolbar on the left and click on Settings.
3. Click on View additional features.
4. Click on Verify here.
5. Choose your country and select whether you want to receive phone calls or text messages.
6. If you choose the phone call option, click on Confirm.
7. Enter your phone number and click on Submit.
8. Now you will get a six digit verification code.
9- Enter this code in the text box and submit.

A check mark will appear below the name of the channel.
Once you complete this process, you will receive a confirmation message. Now you have to click on Continue to return to your account status and features page. Here you will also see the word verification with a check mark under the name of your channel on the screen of your device.

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