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Now you can take full page screenshot in smartphone too, you have to follow these easy steps


To take full page screenshot, third party app has to be downloaded.
ScreenMaster: Screen shot & longest photo markup can be useful for app users.
By following some easy steps, full page screenshot can be taken from any phone.

New Delhi: Screenshot is taken from the smartphone in a jiffy to keep an important document, picture or message safe. Sometimes full page screenshots are required while working on the website. In such a situation, smartphone users take a screenshot of each page. Then share it separately with someone else. But now there is no need to take separate screenshots to take Full Page Screenshot.

After downloading an app from Google Play Store, you can take full page screenshot very easily from it. This app is available for free for Android users. Follow this step to take full page screenshot in smartphone.

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Download this app on smartphone to take screenshot
Screenshots can be taken in the smartphone without downloading any app, but with this you can take screenshot of only one page. To take full page screenshots, download an app from Google Play Store on your smartphone. The name of this app is ScreenMaster: Screenshot & Longhot Photo markup.

Can download for free from Android users. With this app you can take full page screenshots as well as make videos. In this you will get to see the options of Screenshot Crop.

How to take full page screenshot in smartphone
1. To take full page screenshot in smartphone, first download ScreenMaster app.
2. Once downloaded, open this app.
3. Then click on Turn off Screen Capture.
4. You make the website smaller by zooming.
5. After all the pages are on the screen, turn on Screen Capture.
6. Now you can take full page screenshots at once.
7. Click on the Send button to share the screenshot.
8. You can also take screenshots from this app with voice.

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Follow this step to do screen recording
1. Usually the screen recording option is already seen in the smartphone.
2. If the smartphone does not have screen recording feature, then download Screen Recorder from Google Play Store.
3. This app can be downloaded by Android users for free,
4. After downloading, open this app.
5. Click on Start Screen Recording.
6. Now your screen recording has started.
7. Click on the Stop button to stop the screen recording.

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