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Ola charged more rent, now the consumer court has imposed a damages of Rs 95,000, what is the whole matter?


The customer alleged that he had traveled only 4 to 5 kms.
Like the company, a bill of Rs 861 was forcibly taken for this.
The customer had approached the consumer court against the company.

Hyderabad: Popular cab service company Ola in the country will now have to pay a compensation of 95,000 to a customer due to overcharging and poor service. This decision has been given in the Consumer Court of Hyderabad. The customer had alleged that for a journey of only 4 to 5 km, he was forcefully billed Rs 861, while it should not have exceeded Rs 200.

Actually, on 19 October 2021, Jabez Samuel, a resident of Hyderabad, was going somewhere with his wife and a relative. For this, he had booked an Ola cab for four hours. When they got the cab, it was quite dirty and the driver not only refused to turn on the AC, but was also treated indecently. Apart from this, when he got down from the cab after traveling about four-five kilometers, he made a bill of about Rs 861. When Jabez refused to give this money, the driver misbehaved. In the end, he was forced to pay this rent.

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Complaint was also made to the officials of the company
Samuel told that he had lodged a complaint with Ola Cabs regarding the high bill, but the company officials refused to intervene. He said that Ola officials called repeatedly asking them to pay the bill. After this, Jabez approached the consumer court. Ola cabs did not appear before the commission to fight the case even after the notice was given.

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The company will return the rent with interest
Keeping in view the mental agony caused to the complainant, the Commission has asked the company to pay Rs.88,000 as compensation to the customer and Rs.7,000 as cost of hearing. The commission has given 45 days to pay the compensation and if the company does not comply with the court order, it will have to pay it along with interest. The company has also been ordered to return the amount of Rs 861 along with interest at the rate of 12 per cent per annum.

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