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Open Doors App: Users can make secret calls by hiding their identity


Truecaller launched secret calling app, it is completely secure.
With this app called Open Doors, you will be able to make secret audio calls
You can do this app in Hindi also. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

New Delhi: Truecaller has recently launched a new app. With the help of this, you can make a secret call to anyone by hiding your identity. Users already using the Truecaller app can login to the new app very easily. There is a possibility of getting many more new updates in this app. The company has given an information while launching the app.

Based on the feedback received from the users, the company will continue to do new experiments. The name of this app is Open Doors. With this, you can make audio chats and calls. According to the company, this app is very secure. know about it.

Features of Open Doors
Talking about the specialty of Truecaller’s new app Open Doors, it is very different from Truecaller. This is a live audio app. With this 8 people can join simultaneously. You can call anyone from this app. Apart from the call, you can also have an audio conversation by sending a link. The caller’s number will not be visible to the receiver. While talking, users can disconnect the call of their own free will. While launching the app, the company has claimed that Open Doors is safe in terms of security.

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This app is made with the help of Indian team
This app is made with the help of a special team of India and Stockholm. This is the reason why Hindi options are available in it. Apart from Hindi, it is available in English, Spanish, Latin and French languages. The company has claimed that soon other languages ​​will also be added to it. This app runs on community basis. Due to the conversation being real time, the company does not store the data anywhere. No one can listen to the conversation without the permission of the users.

How to use the app
Android users anywhere in the world can download this app from the Google Play Store. Apple users download it from the App Store. Truecaller users can login with just one OTP. New users can login through missed call or OTP. To use this app, users will have to give permission to the contact list. After the phone number is verified, you can call anyone.

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