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Pay attention to those driving cars with diesel engines, do not make this mistake even by mistake, the engine will stall

New Delhi. After the implementation of BS6 Phase 2 rules in India, many car companies decided to stop the production of their diesel engine cars. However, there are still many vehicles available in the Indian market which can be bought with a diesel engine. Apart from this, a large number of people have been using diesel cars, but very few people know that the way of driving them is quite different from that of a petrol car. Here we tell you about 3 such mistakes that you should never do while driving a car with a diesel engine.

Diesel acts as a lubricant for engine components. If the fuel level gets low, the fuel pump can supply air to the combustion chamber, which increases the chances of major damage to the internal parts of the engine. Driving on low fuel puts a lot of pressure on the fuel pump, which increases the risk of damage. Therefore, it is important to have enough diesel in the tank at all times, so that the engine and fuel pump work optimally and do not suffer any damage.

Be careful while starting the engine
Almost every driver has a tendency to go overboard immediately after starting the engine. But if you do this with a diesel engine, then it can cost you a lot. After starting the engine, it is very important to give it some time to warm up. This will increase the life of the engine and the performance will also be better. Running a cold engine increases the chances of premature wear of pistons, piston rings, valves and cylinders.

Using higher gears at lower RPM
Driving a car at low rpm is likely to cause a lot of damage to both the diesel engine and the transmission. This can put more pressure on the engine. Apart from this, it also affects the performance and life of the car. Always follow the RPM range suggested by the company.

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