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People broke down on these luxurious vehicles, looted crores of rupees, sales increased by 64%


There has been a jump of 64 percent in the sales of Porsche.
Lamborghini sales to increase by 33 percent in 2022.
The trend of growth is expected to continue further.

Luxury Cars: The demand for luxurious vehicles of expensive vehicle makers Lamborghini and Porsche is increasing rapidly in India. In the year 2022, Lamborghini sales increased by 33 percent, while Porsche sales registered a huge jump of 64 percent. The price of cars of these two companies in India starts from crores of rupees.

Italian company Lamborghini, which sells its products in India at a starting price of Rs 3.16 crore, sold 92 units last year, up 33 per cent from a year ago. Along with this, Lamborghini has also created a new record for highest sales in India. Earlier in the year 2021, the company had sold 69 units in India.

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last year was the best
Automobile Lamborghini said in a statement on Friday that the year 2022 has been its best year in terms of sales. During this period, the company’s sales at the global level increased by more than 10 percent to 9,233 units. Francesco Sardaoni, Asia-Pacific director of Lamborghini, said that the year 2022 has been a great year for the company and the Indian market has played an important role in this.

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64 percent more sales
German sports luxury vehicle manufacturer Porsche has sold 779 units in India in the year 2022, which is 64 percent more than 474 vehicles a year ago. The growing interest in SUVs among Indian customers has been a major reason behind the jump in sales. Porsche India said in a statement that the sales of its SUV units have increased by 69 percent in the year 2022. These vehicles also include 78 electric model Tycon. Menolito Vujicic, brand director of the premium car company, said that the trend of boom started in the Indian market from the year 2021 is expected to continue even further.

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