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People got hurt by millions! Cyber ​​criminals used 28 thousand mobile numbers, this happened when caught

New Delhi. We all know how fast cybercrime is increasing. Wherever you look there are such cases. A similar case has come to the fore in which Haryana Police has identified 28,000 mobile numbers which are being used by people in cybercrime. It is very difficult to say how many people would have been duped by hackers with 28,000 mobile numbers. But in order not to cheat more people, all these numbers will be blocked soon. Let us tell you that 27,824 of these numbers have been identified through 1930. This is the cyber crime helpline number. Their identity also includes the website cybercrime.gov.in.

If we talk about where these fake numbers were used, it has been told in the reports that 7142 number Gurugram, 3896 number Faridabad, 1420 number Panchkula, 1408 number Sonipat, 1045 number Rohtak, 1228 number Hisar, 1101 number are included in Ambala. These are the same districts where maximum number of fake numbers have been used. If you are from these cities then you need to be careful.

To block all these mobile numbers and to identify them, their IMEI number has also been put on surveillance. The main reason for putting them on surveillance is that it will know which mobile phones these numbers have been used in. As soon as this is detected, these numbers will also be blocked. Let us tell you that since September, about 47,000 complaints have been received. The Cyber ​​Crime Department has started working on these complaints. During this, the police have also given back about Rs 15 crore to the people.



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