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People keeping distance from Chinese mobile! Not only in India, the craze has decreased all over the world: Report

New Delhi. Chinese smartphones used to be a rage once upon a time. Not only in India, there is a threat of Chinese smartphones all over the world. On many occasions, the Chinese company Xiaomi had left behind Apple and Samsung. However, this growth could not be sustained for long. In the last one year, there has been a strong decline in the market share of Chinese smartphones. Whereas in the meantime, a sharp decline is being registered in the sales of non-Chinese companies like Apple and Samsung.

Increased demand for Samsung Apple smartphones
According to data from the IDC report, the market share of Samsung and Apple has increased in the last one year, while the market share of Chinese smartphones Xiaomi, Vivo and Vivo has registered a decline. Apple’s market share was 23.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2021 last year, which was 24.1 percent market share in the fourth quarter of 2022. Meanwhile, Samsung’s market share increased from 18.8 percent to 19.4 percent. However, the market share of Chinese companies such as Xiaomi decreased from 12.2 percent to 11 percent. The same Oppo’s market share increased marginally from 8.2 percent to 8.4 percent. The same Vivo’s market share decreased from 7.7 percent to 7.6 percent. The market share of other smartphones increased from 29.4 percent to 30.1 percent.

How much market share of which company

Market share in Q4 2022

  • Samsung – 21.6 percent
  • Apple – 18.8 percent
  • Xiaomi – 12.6 percent
  • Oppo – 8.6 percent
  • Vivo – 8.2 percent
  • Others – 30.1 percent

Market share in Q4 2021

  • Samsung – 20.0 percent
  • Apple – 17.3 percent
  • Xiaomi – 14.0 percent
  • Oppo – 9.8 percent
  • Vivo – 9.4 percent
  • Others – 29.3 percent

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