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Porsche car worth 1.21 crores available in only 14 lakhs, customers broke down for booking, crowd at dealership

New Delhi. Buying a luxury car is not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially if there are Ferrari or Porsche cars, the common man greets them from a distance. If you want to buy even the cheapest Porsche car, then you will have to pay more than Rs 80 lakh. But recently the company itself has given such an offer, knowing about which you would definitely want to buy a Porsche car.

Porsche recently released an advertisement according to which you can buy the company’s car for only Rs 14 lakh. Now there will be competition for booking in such a way and the same happened. Actually the company gave the wrong price in the advertisement. After this, a large number of people started booking the car. However, later when the company realized that the price was mentioned in the advertisement, it apologized to the booking customers and returned their booking amount.

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1.21 crores is the real price
The actual price of the model for which the company had mentioned 14 lakhs in its advertisement is Rs 1.21 crores. A Porsche dealer in Yinchuan, a city in northern China, listed the hugely popular 2023 Panamera model in an online advertisement for 124,000 yuan (about US$18,000) and people rushed in to book. According to Bloomberg’s report, soon after seeing the advertisement, a crowd of people gathered to buy this car and many people reached the dealer and after that they were told that the advertisement is wrong.

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Seeing the advertisement, hundreds of people booked the car by making an advance payment of 911 Yuan. Porsche clarified, “This listing retail price was a serious mistake by the company.” Realizing the mistake, the German manufacturer removed the ad very soon but despite this, the car brand is being trolled a lot on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

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