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Private messages will be deleted on WhatsApp itself, just go to settings and turn on this option

New Delhi. Forget to delete personal chats on Whatsapp and because of this you are afraid of getting caught, then now you have no need to worry. Because Whatsapp has brought a new update. If you turn on this option by going to the settings, then your personal chat will be deleted automatically. Whatsapp has named it ‘Disappearing Messages’.

How can I turn on the option?

If you also forget to delete the message, then you can also use this option. The biggest feature of this option is that it will automatically delete your chat after some time. For this you do not even need to change any option. Now let us tell you how you can turn on this option. First of all you have to go to Whatsapp. Here you have to go to the contact list.

Now, if you want to delete the personal chat with any contact, then you can easily do so. After going to the chat, you have to go to the settings. Here you have to turn on the option of ‘Disappearing Messages’. As soon as you go to this option, you will see ’24 Hours, 7 Days, 90 Days and Off’. Now you have to decide for how long you want to delete the chat message.

How to know whether it is on or not?

If you want to delete a chat in 24 hours i.e. 1 day, then you have to click on 24 Hours. Accordingly, you have to select 7 Days, 90 Days and Off. After that the chat itself will start deleting. Also, after turning it on, a sign will also appear with the profile picutre of the front user. This will tell that the chat will be deleted after a short time.


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