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Proud moment! China and US do not have this technology like India, Pakistan is also in line to take it

New Delhi. India has created the Unified Payments Interface i.e. UPI payment platform and set an example by successfully implementing it in the world’s largest democracy. The entire system of UPI was created by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). While implemented under the supervision of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). UPI has created a revolution in the world of digital payments in India during Kovid.

China and America do not have a system like India
At present, not only India, payments are being made through UPI in many countries including Bhutan, UAE, Sri Lanka. Along with this, UPI payment has been started in about 12 countries including Canada. This was seen as a change in the world of banking. Even America and China do not have a successful UPI system like India’s UPI based payment technology. Even Americans themselves do not use America’s UPI payment. This is the situation of China. While Indian UPI is making new records daily.

Pakistan wants UPI system like India
India’s always-hostile neighboring country Pakistan is also heavily influenced by the Indian UPI system. In such a situation, he also wants to adopt Indian UPI. But by citing security as the reason, the rulers of Pakistan are shying away from the UPI system.

Record payments through UPI
A record UPI payment was made in India in the month of December last year. During this, a payment of Rs 12.82 lakh crore was made. Let us tell you that the UPI platform was launched in the year 2016. Apps like PhonPe, Google Pay, Paytm are the major payment gateway platforms for UPI in India. UPI is a free of cost service. Which can be used with internet and without internet also.

UPI is being accepted everywhere

UPI payment is being accepted in every shop and mall in India today. Online payment is accepted even at small tailor shops. PM Modi himself has praised digital payment.

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