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Put this 500 rupees device near the meter, the electricity bill will be halved

New Delhi. Running of heaters and geysers increases the electricity bill in winter. Similarly, running AC and cooler in summers spoils your budget on electricity bill. In such a situation, the common man is troubled by the high electricity bills throughout the year. But we are going to tell you a trick, which will reduce the electricity bill of your house by almost half. Actually Wellberg Power Saver device helps in reducing the electricity bill. Let’s know about it in detail..

Wellberg Power Saver
Wellberg Power Saver is an electricity saver device. Its price is less than 500 rupees. The Wellberg Power Save device can be purchased from the e-commerce platform Amazon. 10 days return policy is being given on its purchase. Meaning, if you don’t like the device, it can be returned within 10 days.

how to fit at home
Using the Wellberg Power Saver device is very easy. Can easily fit next to this electricity meter. No re-wiring is required in the house to install this power saving device. It just has to be easily plugged into any socket. After that it starts saving energy. It is claimed that this device can reduce the electricity bill by up to 40 percent.

How does this device work

It is a dual benefit device. This device not only works to control the electricity bill, but also controls the electricity flow in the devices installed in the house during high and low-voltage, due to which the electric devices of the house do not get damaged quickly. The Wellberg Power Saver device can be installed anywhere in the home or office. This device helps in cooling the electrical panel capacitance and power surges.

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