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Rats are no less than Yamraj for the car, this small disaster invites accidents, put a ban on the entry way


Keep the cabin clean to prevent rats from entering the car.
If rats have entered the car, get immediate treatment done.
Rats chew everything from seats to brake lines.

New Delhi. Mice, this word reminds only and only of trouble. A creature that creates terror if it enters the house. But imagine what it will do if it enters your car. It is true that rats make their home in cars and then big never ending problems start. To get rid of which you sometimes have to spend lakhs of rupees.

Rats are such creatures that do not leave anything. Many times it has also been seen that apart from rubber, fabric or plastic items, rats also have the ability to gnaw alloy. Now you can imagine that if rats start gnawing on your car, to what extent they can cause havoc.

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Where do the rats in the car come from?
The entry of rats in cars mostly happens from the engine side. After climbing on the tyre, the rats make their way through the wiring place or near the steering column and also reach the cabin of the car. Most of the rats make their home around the engine as it remains warm there and it serves as a perfect place for them to flourish.

what can harm
Rats can bite the wiring of the car. Along with this, it has also been seen many times that due to the smell of oil, rats also cut the brake line. Along with this, they chew on the seats, floor mats, even the rubber of the windows and the steering bush. Sometimes due to disconnection of the brake line, the car may suddenly stop braking because the brakes are applied by oil pressure and the pressure is released due to the disconnection of the line. This can become the cause of a big accident.

Because of this, many times the cost of repairing the car goes up to lakhs of rupees. Also, once the rat house is made, this problem can happen again and again.

how to defend
By the way, there is only one effective way to avoid rats, that is to keep the car clean and do not drop food items in it because they come from their smell. Along with this, if the car has become somewhat old, then get its damping checked so that the rats cannot enter inside the car. Some such electric devices are also now available in the market which prevent rats from entering the car. Along with this, you will also easily find rat protection packs for the car in car workshops. This is an effective method.

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