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Rolls-Royce made customized car using wood, you will be surprised to know the price


The Rolls-Royce company has made a car for the famous billionaire Jack Boyd Smith Jr.
This is a customized car that has been made of koa wood.
The cost of the luxurious car of Rolls Royce is Rs 3 crore 89 lakh.

New Delhi: Cars of different companies are seen running on the road. Rolls Royce company is counted in the luxury car. Due to the high price, middle class people are not able to buy this car. Some people dream of buying a Rolls Royce car. There are many people who have this great car. To make the car stylish and attractive, people make changes in it according to their own. Keeping in view the demand of a billionaire, Rolls Royce company has made a car.

This customized car is very attractive and great to look at. In terms of interior looks, it beats other cars. A special type of wood has been used in this, which is called Koa wood.

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These billionaires are very fond of cars
The name of the famous billionaire for whom the Rolls-Royce company has made a car is Jack Boyd Smith Jr. Jack Boyd Smith Jr. is fond of luxury cars. He has a collection of many expensive vehicles available. Jack Boyd Smith Jr. is counted among the billionaires. After making the customized car, the company has described it as the latest creation Koa Phantom Extended. To get it made, he himself had asked the company to make changes in the car.

The cost of the car is in crores
A very special type of wood has been used in the luxury car made by Rolls-Royce Company for Jack, which is called koa wood. While designing the car, he had asked to use this special wood in it. While talking to the media after the car delivery, he had told that his family has a connection with this wood. Not only this, he even told this wood to be part of his family. The car that Rolls-Royce company has made for Jack is worth Rs 3 crore 89 lakh.

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After all, why is koa wood special?
The company has also used koa wood in the dashboard to make the car. Jack was very excited to drive this car after it was built. Many unique and special things have been used in it to make its steering wheel and picnic table attractive. Boot space is given at the rear of the car. Speakers have been installed to listen to the song along with keeping the luggage in it. A champagne fridge has been given on the inside. Koa wood is special because it is found only on the Hawaiian Islands.

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