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Round of upheaval in crude oil prices, will petrol-diesel price increase today? Check Price Here

Petrol Diesel Price in 16 November 2022: Crude oil prices are continuously fluctuating in the international market. In such a situation, the biggest question is whether it is affecting the domestic market or not. Some changes have been seen in the petrol-diesel price in some cities on Wednesday, but it remains at its old price in the four metros of the country i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. The country’s government oil companies such as Hindustan Petroleum, Indian Oil and Bharat Petroleum have released the prices of petrol and diesel at 6 am. We are giving you information about the petrol-diesel price of major cities of the country.

Know the price of petrol and diesel in major cities of the country

  • Delhi-Petrol Rs 96.72, Diesel Rs 89.62 per liter
  • Chennai-Petrol Rs 102.63, Diesel Rs 94.24 per liter
  • Mumbai-Petrol Rs 106.31, diesel Rs 94.27 per liter
  • Kolkata-Petrol Rs 106.03, Diesel Rs 92.76 per liter
  • Patna – Petrol Rs 108.12, diesel Rs 94.86 per liter
  • Lucknow- Petrol Rs 96.57, Diesel Rs 89.76 per liter
  • Ghaziabad – Petrol Rs 96.58, diesel Rs 89.75 per liter
  • Lucknow- Petrol Rs 96.57, Diesel Rs 89.76 per liter

Continuous upsurge in crude oil prices
Let us tell you that there is a continuous upsurge in the prices of crude oil in the international market. On Wednesday, a slight decline in the price of WTI Crude Oil Price has been recorded and it is trading at $ 86.81 per barrel. At the same time, a slight decline has also been registered in the price of Brent crude oil and it is trading around $ 93.76 per barrel. In such a situation, the biggest reason for this upheaval is that the group of oil producing countries had decided that they would reduce their crude oil production. Since this decision, there has been a continuous upsurge in the prices of crude oil.

How to check the petrol-diesel price of your city-
If you want to check the petrol-diesel price of your city, then for this you can check it only by sending an SMS. For this, send HPCL customer HPPRICE to 9222201122. On the other hand, customers of Indian Oil (IOC) should send RSP to 9224992249. If you are a BPCL customer, send RSP to 9223112222 to check the petrol-diesel price. Further, the companies will send you the message of the latest petrol-diesel price of the city through the message.

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