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Samsung made fun of Chinese smartphone! This statement given on expensive phone

New Delhi. Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the premium smartphone market. However, for some time now, Apple and Samsung are getting fierce competition in the premium smartphone market. Actually till now Apple and Samsung smartphones were available in the price point of 60 thousand to 1 lakh rupees. Samsung is the only uncrowned king in the same foldable smartphone market.

Entry of Chinese smartphone in premium smartphone market
But now Chinese smartphone companies Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi are also launching expensive smartphones. Recently Oppo Find N2 Flip smartphone has been launched, which is a foldable smartphone. Its cost is around 90 thousand rupees. This phone went out of sale in the very first sale. It is believed that this is going to give a strong challenge to Samsung’s foldable smartphone market.

Samsung’s statement on the entry of Chinese smartphones
According to the report of New18, when the Chief of Samsung Mobile Business, Dr. When TM Roh was asked, his answer was that a brand does not become a premium smartphone brand by launching a smartphone. He said that premium service cannot be limited to one product and one feature. He said that I believe that there is a need for a strong ecosystem to become a premium smartphone brand. Also, multi device connectivity should be given in it.

use samsung display
However, the manner in which Chinese foldable smartphones are entering the foldable market can be a cause of concern for Samsung. But in terms of technology, Samsung is currently ahead. Samsung’s foldable display is also being used in the foldable smartphone of Chinese companies.

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