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Searched these 3 videos on Google in Diwali? Then you will have to cut the jail air!

New Delhi. Diwali is a festival of laughter and joy for Indians. People celebrate Diwali by lighting lamps, distributing sweets and bursting crackers. But do you know that on Diwali your happiness can turn into sorrow. In fact, if you have searched on Google for 3 videos banned in India on Diwali, then you may have to go to jail. Let us know what are those things, which are prohibited to search on Google ….

How to make bomb?
Making bombs is banned in India. For this you have to get a license. But on Diwali, the business of making bombs in a wrong way remains in full swing. Google is used to make bombs, which are completely banned. If you have taken training in making bombs from Google, and Google gives this information to the police, then you may have to go to jail.

How to make a gun
Along with bombs, making guns is also banned in India. The demand for desi kattas increases during Diwali. Google is the easiest way to make Desi Katta. Along with this, the business of making many other dangerous toys starts on Diwali. But Google keeps a close eye on those who know how to make guns. In such a situation, you can be caught and questioned by the police department as to why they were making guns without permission.

From where to buy and sell gunpowder?
Gunpowder is an essential part of bomb making. Although gunpowder is an explosive substance, it is difficult to obtain easily. In such a situation, buying gunpowder is traced on Google search. But this work is illegal. In such a situation, you can be nabbed by the police on the location and payment of buying gunpowder through online mode.



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