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Smart Perfume has arrived! At the press of a button on the mobile, there will be a fierce fragrance in the clothes

New Delhi. After Smartphone, now Smart Perfume has also arrived. You can connect this Smart Perfume to mobile. The specialty of this perfume is that it can be handled from mobile itself. That is, when you want more fragmentation, then you have to open only one mobile app. After adding percentage, it can be increased or decreased.

The company claims that they have made a perfume that can be connected to the mobile. In this you are also given different modes. You have to select these modes. There are 100 Fragrant Options available in Ninu Perfume. You can easily set these options according to your choice and wish. The app itself also gives you the quantity. According to this quantity, you get the fragrance.

Launched in the name of Ninu Perfume, it also has many features that make it different. A battery is also provided in it. In this, the level of the battery can also be seen on the screen of the perfume. If the capacity of the perfume is reduced, then it can be turned on again after charging. Also, when you want the fragrance of Deo, you can set it from the mobile itself. Even if you want scent of scent, you can set it from mobile itself.

How much is the price?

The cost of this perfume is around 15 thousand rupees. You also get different options on the Meet Ninu App. In which the option of Where To?, Feel How?, Ninu Lab is available. There are more than 100 perfumes available in a perfume bottle. In this, you get a different fragrance according to every occasion. Different when going on a date, different for meeting the president, different for company meetings.


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