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So many awesome features started getting in the updated WhatsApp, see what is special

Whats Communities Feature: Recently, WhatsApp has announced the Poll and Community feature, adding some awesome features to its platform. Along with this, the number of video calling and adding members to the group has also increased. We are going to give you detailed information about the new features of WhatsApp update.

1,024 members can be added to the group

In May this year, WhatsApp updated its platform to allow group admins to add up to 512 members. Now again the company has doubled the number of people adding to the group to 1,024. This feature will be available as soon as you update WhatsApp in your phone.

32 members will be added in a video call at once

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Along with increasing the group limit, WhatsApp has also increased the number of video calling people in the group. Now users will be able to add 32 people simultaneously in a group video call. In the first group video call, only eight people could join simultaneously.

communities feature

The company has claimed to give high-level security and privacy to the users for this feature. With this feature, you can add multiple groups together. Whose full responsibility will be of the person (admin) creating the communities. Admins will be able to add groups to the community of their choice. Also, the admin will have the right to delete objectionable chats and media for all members.

poll feature

Along with making the group bigger and better on WhatsApp, the company has introduced another new feature, through which users can create polls inside the group chat. In this feature, users can give 12 options as an option in response to a question. Also, the option of ‘view votes’ has been given to see the result.

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