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Soon the battery of many electronic devices like mobile, laptop will be charged, new technology is coming


The battery of mobile, laptop, smartwatch or electric car will be charged within minutes.
Researchers have discovered a new anode material that can charge a lithium-ion battery in minutes.
Research says that in future such batteries will be made in India which will be able to charge in minutes.

There is always tension about its charging using an electronic device. The battery can drain at any time on the way, and sometimes by going out somewhere we see that the battery of mobile, laptop, smartwatch or electric car is discharged, and it can take hours to charge it. But very soon this worry of yours may end. This is because soon this time is going to happen in minutes instead of hours, and this is not what the researchers are saying.

Actually IIT Gandhi and Japan Advanced Institute of Science & Technology together have done a miracle. IIT Gandhinagar has researched and discovered a new anode material, which charges a lithium-ion battery in minutes.

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The 2D anode material is made using nanosheets derived from titanium diboride. It is a multi-stacked sandwich-like material, which is present between the layers of the metal atom boron. On this, CNBC Awaaz correspondent Ketan Joshi had a special conversation with the head of the research team and got to know how it happened.

such a miracle happened
IIT Gandhinagar Professor Kabir D’Souza said that at present the anode material of lithium-ion battery is made from graphide. There are no holes on the graphite layer, due to which it takes time to charge. The material used to charge the lithium battery is called anode in common language. But the anode material is made from diboride, which is capable of charging the battery in minutes.

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With this new technology, every device can be charged in a few minutes, where it takes hours. From mobiles to laptops, smart watches and electric cars, it will now take less time for charging.

New technology expected to arrive in India soon
Professor Kabir said that ‘we have sent a proposal to some battery makers for the manufacture of batteries. In future, such batteries will be made in India which will be capable of being charged within minutes. Not only will this indigenous battery be used in India, but it can also be manufactured in other countries.
(Source-CnbcTV18 hindi/Ketan Joshi)

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